Android vs iOS at a pay by Neteller Casino


As a platform, it took Android a while to make the same strides as iOS. However, now you’ll notice that many mobile casino games are adapted for both Android and iOS as standard. So, it’s unlikely that you’ll miss out on new releases as a result of going with an Android device.
Many choose this option as there is typically a higher level of connectivity between devices. For most of their devices, universal fit chargers are used which makes owning this type of device more cost-effective than their iOS counterparts. If you tend to use Windows and Google tech, you may find that an Android phone fits seamlessly into your current set up. After all, Google created the Android system.
In addition to the software, many players will look to the hardware. Can an Android phone handle the capabilities of playing at a pay by Neteller casino? The short answer is, yes many of them can. New smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Nexus 6P and the HTC 10 were all built with gaming in mind. They are all more than capable of handling whatever new tech that a pay by Neteller casino has to throw at them.


Apple’s iOS platform has long been the industry leader. Originally, many casino apps were only made for iOS as developers were guaranteed a large audience for their product. Although games are now made for both, many still consider iOS to be the gold standard.
We’re now on iOS 10, which for pay by Neteller casino users is plus. The upgrade boasts raise-to-wake technology, allowing you to bypass the swiping motion to unlock your phone. You’ll also be able to see apps, even when the phone is locked. This could be very handy when playing slots in autoplay mode.
Looking at the hardware, the iPhone 7 is the latest release. Apple has made several changes with this device which may entice or alienate consumers. One of these in the exclusion of a headphone jack. So, if you enjoy listening to the sound effects when playing at a pay by Neteller casino then you’ll be doing so without charging your phone. With this upgrade you get one or the other- unless you want to shell out £150 for wireless AirPods.
Each of the systems has its merits. Whilst we’ve always believed that iOS is a superior platform, Android has made some serious leaps in the last 6 months. With either of these systems, you’ll find it easy to download the Neteller app, allowing you to check your balance as you play at a pay by Neteller casino.