Beginners Guide to the Real Madrid vs Barcelona Livestream Football Teams

It’s not long now until the famous EL Clasico Real Madrid vs Barcelona livestream football match, but if you are not a huge football fan and have just gotten into it recently, you may be wondering which team to place your bets and cheer on during the Real Madrid vs Barcelona livestream game this December!

The Basics to Know Before the Real Madrid vs Barcelona Livestream Game

We’re going right back to basics to get you informed about all the essential information for the Real Madrid vs Barcelona livestream game. First up, the most obvious thing that you will need to know is the team’s colours! Barcelona has a blue strip with red stripes, while the Real Madrid club is white with golden borders. Both teams were also founded roughly around the same time with Barcelona founded on20th November 1899 and Real Madrid on 6th March 1902.

Next up is the history of both teams and the games that they have won. Both teams are in the La Liga League, but Real Madrid hold the record for the most UEFA Champions League wins at 11 to Barcelona’s 5. However, Barcelona have achieved the UEFA Winners’ Cup 4 times compared to Real Madrid’s 2.

The Players Taking Part in the Real Madrid vs Barcelona Livestream

One of the main reasons why so many people tune into the Real Madrid vs Barcelona livestream games is the players that are involved in both teams. When tuning in to the Real Madrid vs Barcelona livestream, you’ll be watching some of the world’s top, highest earning players who always make it an entertaining game. The people manging these players are Luis Enrique for Barcelona and Zinedine Zidane for Real Madrid.

The captain of the Barcelona team is Sandro Iniesta and the team’s top goal scorer is Lionel Messi with 492 goals. On the Real Madrid side, the top goal scorer is fairly lagging behind Barcelona as Raul has scored a total of 323 goals.
Some of the big names that you might recognise playing for the Barcelona side is the Argentine player Lionel Messi, who is one of the top scoring and highest paid players in the world. Other football stars that you should recognise are Cristiano Ronaldo who is not only one of the highest paid players in the world, but also is extremely wealthy from paid advertisements, which is why even if you have no interest in football you’ll probably have already heard of him! Another major player on the Real Madrid side is the Welsh player Gareth Bale who i set to sign another 5-year contract with the club once this contract finished, which will make him the top earning player in the world with a staggering £195 million contract over 5 years.

Now that you are caught up for the Real Madrid vs Barcelona livestream this December, you can decide what team to back and cheer on and hopefully you’ll bag yourself a nice sum of cash!