How I won £200 in a Pay by Phone Casino

We all hope for a big pay out when we play in a casino but I managed it with a pay by phone casino. Everything just rolled into place when I made the bet via my phone bill and it was really easy too. As most casino players will tell you, for us it’s all about the convenience and the jackpots. This is a story with both and if you like you can attempt to do exactly the same with a pay by phone casino.

It was a dreary day and I was looking for a distraction when I saw an advertisement for a pay by phone casino. This concept was a new one on me but it actually really appealed to be because of the speed aspect. I hate to fuss around with card details and I always forget my PayPal password so it makes sense for me to use a pay by phone casino.

Getting online with the pay by phone casino

This was the simple part, as the registration was a breeze and took only a few minutes of my time. By furnishing the site with a few details about who I am and where I live, I had my brand new account. Then it was time to fund my account and I couldn’t wait to use the pay by phone casino payment method.

I entered my phone number and the amount that I wanted to deposit then hit the enter button. Almost immediately I had a text from my provider to ask if I had requested the transaction, it was so zippy! It was probably the fasted I’ve ever funded a casino account in my life.

Then, I was confronted with the world of options that I could use to play my way to a fortune. Being an avid player, I went straight to the roulette table to play with my cash.

Roulette in a pay by phone casino

Hitting the roulette table has always been a favourite of mine and this time was no different. I was curious to see what kind of roulette games the pay by phone casino offered and what jackpots they had. I was presented with the latest roulette games, with a full selection of American and European versions.

I decided to test out the European roulette table and play with my initial deposit. Starting with more general bets on red and black, I managed to win some more than I lost. This is always a positive and I would usually stop playing there. This time was different though as I reasoned that it wouldn’t be hard to add more funds to the pay by phone casino if I wanted to.

After that, I decided to place my cash on a third of the board, which is a higher paying bet. Using a combination of betting styles, it didn’t take long before I hit the jackpot and cashed out £200 up! How’s that for 10 minutes of work?