How significant is parental involvement in lektiehjælp?


When parents provide lektiehjælp help to their kids, the kids get more motivated and they develop interest in doing the lektiehjælp and thereby improving their skills. Hence active involvement of the parents is all the more important for the kids to achieve their academic goals. The parents who help with lektiehjælp make the kids realize that the daily assignment given by the teacher is very important and it should be completed with promptness and perfection. As a result of the motivation by parents, the kids start spending more time with their lessons and spend less time to watch TV or to play video games. Moreover, the parents who show keen interest in the lektiehjælp can easily find out how knowledgeable their kids are. By way of encouraging the kids to complete their lektiehjælp daily without fail, the parents can help the children to develop good working attitude


lektiehjælp makes children knowledgeable and responsible

The best lektiehjælp help the parents can provide is to insist the kids to do the lektiehjælp promptly so that they get the opportunity to refresh what they learnt in the class. This exercise enables them to make the lessons thorough. Daglig lektiehjælp hjælper unge med selv disciplin since they have to meet the deadlines. The self-discipline that they develop when they are in the school will help them a lot in their future life also. Another great advantage of lektiehjælp is that while trying to find out the solution to various problems that are given as lektiehjælp, the children get the opportunity to gather more information as a result of referring various books, dictionaries and encyclopedia. This will also help the students to improve their research skills. By way of providing lektiehjælp help the parents are helping the kids to become more knowledgeable as well as responsible.

Parents should provide meaningful support

When many schools provide the lektiehjælp diaries in which details about lektiehjælp given on all days are provided many other schools do not provide such diaries. In that case, at the beginning of the academic year the parents should collect detailed information regarding the lektiehjælp pattern of the school. In order to help with lektiehjælp the parents should know the types of lektiehjælp that the teachers give, the time required to complete the task and the actual expectation of the teachers. This information will enable the parents to provide meaningful support to the kids to do the lektiehjælp and in case the kids find it too difficult to complete the lektiehjælp on time, the parents should inform the teacher so as to initiate corrective measures.