Organic Clothing is admired and respected, know the reasons

100 procent organic clothing

This is apparent as the organic clothing sales show a huge increase of more than 45% to 50% last year in comparison to 2008 and 2009s 35% increase. In fact, the reason for organic gaining importance is because it is not a fashion choice alone, but it has become a lifestyle. However, for many, it is a beautiful way of shopping and there are ample reasons that highlight the benefits of organic clothing and offers a feel better experience. Moreover, lots of people admire and respect organic clothing concept, even without known the intricate details and this is because they are aware of the open benefits available.

The Benefits

The environment- Having something organic labeled means a lot to farmers as they need not make use of pesticides, synthetic herbicides, GMO seeds or fertilizers. This means conservation of water as with organic production process there is less water run-off than with other synthetic chemicals and thus it causes less harm to the environment.

Labor – Usually, owing to the nature of organics and the industry, the company producing the crop is likely to be Fair Trade. This is the business practice that involves paying their employees fair wages, modest working conditions, fair hours and employee hires feature age restrictions. Thus young children and seniors are not dragged into labor practices. Besides, without using synthetic chemicals, it is healthier to deal with the product for the workers.

Feels better – Severe chemicals such as dyes, formaldehyde and synthetic additives respond negatively on the skin. At the same time, the organic clothing, made without these chemicals is overall healthier not only for the skin, but also offers a better feel. Moreover, the soft feeling against the skin with organic clothing gives a loving and affectionate feel to wearers.

green organic clothing

People experiencing allergies or other skin diseases owing to clothes, may definitely reconsider to switch to different clothing material or fabric. Precisely, shifting to organic clothing is best to avoid other skin concerns. There is no doubt that the ‘fabric of life is cotton’ and owing to extensive cotton use, it has acquired prominence. However, the commercial farming methods that are business-oriented may trigger allergic reactions on sensitive skins as they contain impurities. This is where organic cotton really comes handy.